Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A picture taken off the balcony of Ostinatto hostel in Buenos Aires at night.

The "downtown¨ of Cabo Polonia, in Uruguay, just as we arrove on the truck.

The glacier Perrito Moreno in the morning.

This one is for Clare. You know what I mean. Trekking through the mountains of Parque National de Los Glaciers, just outside of El Chalten, on the first day of our hike.

Orin just barely making it across a glacier river...we weren't supposed to cross without proper gear but we make our own laws in the forest! (Joke mom)

Alright! Quick update... we have made it much farther north, after 28 hours of bussing in two days we are now in Trelew, on the East Coast. Here we are going to go visit the largest colony of penguins outside of antartica....bitchin. Apparently they are quite friendly and curious and will walk up to you, so maybe we'll go trekking with a group of penguins.... hmm. We have rented a car for tomorrow, with unlimited miles, and so are going to go visit Punta Tombo, with all the penguins, and then to Gaiman, a Welsh village that is randomly in the middle of Argentina, and then hopefully we will have time to go check out the dinosaur museum. Relatives of Orin, we have finally discovered the cause of his giantism, and it will be interesting to meet more of his family. And then that evening at 10 30 we are jumping back on the bus for another 12 hour ride...and to think I used to complain about the scoot from Vancouver to Summerland.
The rest of our time at El Chalten was actually pretty awesome, as we made friends with some French Canadians, Catherine and Alex, and a german named Bernard. We got along especially well with the Quebecois, and hopefully we are going to run into them at barriloche, our next stop, or perhaps in Bolivia. Ciao.

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  1. hey travellers,

    Great photos - wonderful scenery, sleeping dogs and motorcycles! Looks a little scary trying to cross frigid rapids on a rope - is there no bridge for backpackers? Can't wait to see the penguin photos.

    Keep sending them.

    love you lots, mom