Monday, March 23, 2009


So Bariloche is pretty awesome. Touristy, but not disguistingly so, it still carries a lot of it's own character. There are a lot of punks here, it is crazy! So many of them look as though they are 12, but as trendy as many Vancouverites, ripping around on their skateboards, smoking cigarettes, and shaking pills into bottles of coke....
When we arrove here yesterday there was a concert going on to commemorate the 24 of March, even though it wasnt the 24, it was just the closest sunday. It is a day spent in memory of the Guerra Sucia, ie the Dirty War, in which a lot of innocent people died. There was a bunch of pictures hung on a string around the park, with poems on them and stuff, and between bands this dude would come on stage and say things in Spanish that made everyone else clap. Apparently in Bariloche the best way to tribute the dead is through thrasher metal music and punk rock. Pretty fucking awesome in my opinion, so we hung around in the park for a matter of hours and rocked out as I people watched all of the children doing drugs and smoking...My intense hatred of cigarettes does not mix well with Latin America! The smell just makes me sick to my stomach.. too many nights being forced to sit in the smoke rooms with all my lung sick friends.
Today was an awesome day. We went to a river a couple hours from here and did some Level 3 rafting. Apparently there is up to 6 levels, but only five that you can do commercially. In the summer the river is a level 4, and instead of taking two hours, like it took us today, it only takes one. The river gets so high that some of the rapids we went over today dont even exist anymore, and some large rocks that we went by are not even seen. Pretty neat. I think that I will write about this later because Lord of the Rings just came on the tv in the room, the one that they sit in front of 24/7, no joke, and it is rarely in English... but this time it is! Very exciting because we havent watched anything the whole trip, and now there is something in English on this poor overstrained senior citizen of a television... my neck is straining from turning around to see gollum be creepy as he is... so i will be kind to my already aching body and allow it to stare into the abyss for a while. Ciao!

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  1. hahaha, yes...gotta love the creepy gollum! Hopefully not crappily dubbed over in spanish! I am super jealous of your rafting experience. I have always wanted to do that! Did you have to wear one of those nerdy helmets and yell things at eachother?