Monday, March 30, 2009

A Continuation

So, we pull up to this seedy motel called Motel Navada. Classy. So I ask the driver... is this sex motel? Yes, he replies with gusto, very pleased with himself for being so clever. Umm... is it safe? Is it clean? Oh yes yes, very safe, very clean, two free drinks! Awesome... So we pull in and decide that we might as well check out the room. We open the door and the place absolutely shines. Big double bed with shiny gold polyester blanket, big mirrors at the head and foot of the bed, as well as two mats attached to the wall at the head of the bed for god knows what.... and i'm sure that he doesn't approve of it, and a nice bathroom. Well sweet. It looked fairly secure too, and was only 10 000 pesos, which is like 13 dollars. So we took it, of course. How could we pass up such an extremely odd opportunity, plus we had already driven so far out of town, and everything else was either closed, creepy or expensive. The driver was very pleased, and here's the kicker, they only rent the room for 12 hours....hahahaha! Which was all we needed as we were just passing through town. The driver picked up the phone and ordered us two whiskey's and coke... to you know... get us all relaxed.... and stuff... and then left, promising to be back in 12 hours to take us to the bus station. This place was awesome.. pretty much one of the nicest rooms we'd had yet, with a tv, though the only clear station was porn, but I wasn't complaining. There was also a cd player, bring your own cd. A minute after the driver left there was a little knock on this locked cupboard on the wall, and we unlocked it and opened er up, and this little tray slid through with two cokes, two cups with a big shot of whiskey in each, and two chocolate bars to ´keep er going´, called yotu, which is you and me in English. Awesome. In the end the place was pretty good, though I had to wear earplugs all night as cars were pulling in and out continually all night, and the thin walls allowed the noise of all other fornicaters to clearly enter our room. Quite creepy really. Luckily for us, pathetic for them, it lasted for a freakishly short time but at top volume. Guess they wanted to get what they paid for. Man I love earplugs. I used to be neurotic about wearing them, as I was paranoid I would burn up in a fire or something without noticing, but I'm over it.

So he showed up the next morning with a little smile on his face which we pointedly ignored, and took us to the wrong bus station. So we grabbed another taxi to the right one, and were on our way. It was a 5 hour bus ride, quite beautiful really, and then we arrove at Pichilemu and found a nice place to camp. It is secure with a big gate, nice even camp sites with a parrilla, so we are going to go to go grill up some steak etc tonight. Mmmm. There is absolutely no one else at the camp site, due to low season, so it's pretty cool. Unfortunately we are complete idiots and forgot to dry out our tent, so we spent about an hour trying to scrub off the creepy mould that is devouring our tent. Orin keeps on telling me about how his dad always used to yammer at him about drying the tent, and he finally understands why... if only he had learnt for the both of us. It was a royal pain in the ass, but now it is clean enough not to scare me, and hopefully we will come home disease free. Today we rented some bikes from some guy (very descriptive). He tried to rent them us for 20 american each for a day! Holy crap, we said. We could rent a car for that much! no way..... so... how much do you offer.. How about 14 for the both of them. Deal! Okay.... So we got a bit of food and rode 7 km out of town to this big break, beautiful massive lefts rolling off a point. So nice. We watched these guys battle out there and wait and wait, and then this one guy just smoothly paddled into one wave and slide down the massive wall of water and stand out with ease and ride it for a couple hundred meters. It was beautiful, and he made it look so easy. We sat there until the sun almost set, then got back on our bikes and race teamed back to town to see the sun set over the ocean. It was gorgeous. I have to pee like a race horse so must flee.

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  1. If I wasn't your mother I would say I hope you took advantage of all the amenities in the room - wink wink nod nod! Did you ever figure out what the mats were hanging on the wall? Maybe to absorb the sound? That is such a funny story.
    The volcano story was funny but only retroactively, it must have been scary at the time. Remember to listen to your gut instinct, what it is telling you, and don't let pride or stubborness get in your way. Only do things, that when you listen to that instinct, that you feel okay with Even when you meet people, try to use that instinct or intuition to assess that person and the situation that you may get yourself into. Sometime people are kind of crazy, but an okay crazy, but if you get a bad feeling, listen to it. I don't really have to tell you this, but just a reminder.
    Sounds like you are in a nice place now, and hopefully will get a couple of relaxing days. Watch the waves and don't go out in anything that looks too crazy, there will be lots of other opportunities to ride the waves. Again, you know what you can do, listen to yourself, and trust your judgement. Don't look at it as defeat but growth in learning and discovering your boundaries, physical limitations and abilities. That is how you learn them, by challenging yourself and understanding when it is time to retreat and repose.

    Be safe, be sage.

    Love you lots,