Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dirty feet indeed...

So, from Montevideo we caught a bus out to the hippie town, which is called Cabo Polonia. The bus dropped us off on the side of the road at this grassy parking lot, where we then chucked our stuff in the back of this big ass truck which took us along the sandy trail to Cabo. The truck was quite large with space for about fifteen, and we rode on this bench on top of the cab, which was really sweet. The truck has these really smooth special tires for sand, and we soon found out why. After the truck loaded up we took off, and basically offroaded through these sandy roads for about 15 minutes, until it met the ocean. Then we ripped it across the beach, the whole time with a beautiful view of this quaint little town that we were about to visit. By the time we got in it was quite late, so we trekked our way to the hostel we were hoping to stay at. It was full, but the hostel right before it greeted us with a German girl, Stephi, that we met in Montevideo. She ran our and gave us hugs, and told us that there was still room left at her hostel. So we stayed there for the first night, even though it was quite expensive, 20 am each for a 6 bed dorm room with no power (only a couple of places in the town had power) or toilet paper, and unlike most hostels didn't serve a breakfast. We heard from another girl Anne that we had all hung out with in montevideo, that there were little cabanas with 4 beds that you can rent for 30 dollars for the whole thing. So we decide we three would find one the next day, cutting our price in half and upping the privacy greatly. That night Orin and I sat out on the beach looking at the stars, which were absolutely beautiful. It was the first time we'd truely seen them down here, finally being out of the city. The only thing was there was this dead stinking seal wafting an odour toward us... It was weird, it was half rotten, but nobody buried it or moved it, and i even saw people the next day setting up their towel precariously close to it... typical latin america really...

The next day two drunken girls woke us up right before sunrise, trying to wriggle their way to the top bunk directly above us. Instead of trying to drift back to sleep to the tune of their drunken snoring, i kicked Orin's ass out of bed and we went and watched a beautiful sunrise and went for a long walk through town and onto the other beach, watching the town wake up and get busy. It was awesome. On our way back we managed to score a 3 bed cabana for 30 am, with a kitchen, and a well that we used for flushing the toilet and taking showers. It was perfect, and i felt so elated and peaceful sitting in the kitchen of our cute little place, looking at the ocean infront of us. Stephi just happened to walk across the field while we were in the middle of trying to understand the woman, who spoke agressively fast and used complecated words. We called her in and we all agreed it was the perfect place. We went and grabbed our bags and settled in. That afternoon we went to the close beach, the one that we could see from our doorstep, and took Orin for his first swim in truely crashing waves. It was awesome. Then later that day we walked to the other beach, joking sighing and complaining the whole way about the long 5 minute walk. The waves were even better over there, and we got some body boarding in before we went home and made some pasta for dinner. We then proceeded to drink a bunch of beer and talk about the differences in our countries, and her exchange to America. The german government is apparently a pimp, and will send you on any exchange for free, with the parents legally bound to giving you a reasonable sum of money each month... nice. Apparently it is worth it to get rid of their teenagers, sending them to terrorize other nations! haha. We walked into town at about midnight to see what sort of things were kicking on a saturday night in a small beach town, and found a local film set in Montevideo being played on a hillside, and sat down and watched the end of it. Then a musician came on and we grooved until Orin´s sunburn got to him, so we all headed home.

Sunday was fairly relaxed, we rented and umbrella (both Stephi and Orin were quite burnt) and played in the waves and went for a walk down the beach. We went out for dinner that night, and i got a delicious fish burger. Just as we were finishing our second litro of beer amonst us, we saw violent flashes in the sky. We downed our beer and paid the bill, and walked to a bank overlooking the ocean, and watched a storm rage from a waze away. It was flashing like crazy, mostly behind the clouds, with the occasional bolt jerking down to graze the ocean. It put on quite a show for us, and orin and i fooled around with our camera, getting a couple of good pictures (though we took about a hundred!) Thinking it was almost over and heading away, we walked home, and were proven wrong. It hit us with a vengence, pouring rain down on the tin roof, and the window lit up every couple seconds. At one point the wind was making this really really weird sound that mimiced an alien craft coming to abduct me. I wanted to go look out the back door to see what could have been making the sound, but my tired reasoning told me that i really didn't want to be abducted in South America, so i lay there alone, as i was the only one awake, pretty creeped out.

The next day we caught the big truck out, caught the connection to the bus perfectly, and are not in Punto Del Diablo, where we wandered around in the dead heat, cursing the fact that we did not plan our hostel better. Were looking for Punta del diablo hostel, but were fooled by Del Diablo Hostel, and Del Diablo Hostel Tranquillo. Finally we found an English speaker who actually knew where it was, and she directed us there. None of these places would allow camping and were very expensive, so we trekked on and finally found the place. We set up our tent and headed to the beach, where we caught the last of the sun as we bathed in the water.

So, our new tent sucks, Orin barely fits in it, and i was ravaged by two hungry mosquitos last night, which woke me up with a bite directly in the middle of my forehead. But i slapped that fucker silly. Nothing like killing a bug on your face. mmm. then i heard the other and sat there for about half an hour hunting it while Orin worried that i´d lost my marbles. Which i kind of had. The good thing about camping (in a way....) is that it is too hot to sleep in stupidly late, so we probably got up in the nine´s, allowing us to do some laundry and try to use the hostel computer. Which failed, as it was so fuzzy i couldn't read anything. So, now that we've found a place with internet, we´re going to go eat and head to the beach, as tomorrow we are starting our trek back to Argentina, and away from beach country. I know those in Canada are going to hate to hear me say this, but i am kind of excited for Patagonia... and a little bit of cold that can whip off the sand that is deeply ingrained in my skin. One thing about the sand here is that it is so fine that it becomes part of you, whether you want it to or not. Punta del Diablo also has a lot of flies, and though i am trying to learn to be zen and just let them walk on my body, like those shots you see of people chillin in Africa with flies on them, i have been failing so far. Even though it is energy and time consuming to flail around everytime they land on you, like every two second, and it doesn't matter how close you come to killing them they don't learn to go away, it is really hard to just forget about them.

We´ve seen some cool wild life though, other than flies, mosquitos and the dead seal. On the way out of Cabo Polonia we saw two baby owls sitting in a bush. We were driving by, really close, and they were so beautiful! I really love owls so i got irrationally excited, yelling on the truck and shit, embarassing Orin i´m sure. It was awesome. Then when we were walking around in the heat we ran into a flock of parrots chillin on the ground. It was really cool. I have never seen a flock of them so up close, i usually just spot them vaguely sitting in trees.

Anyways, I've spent more than an hour on this damn machine and want to get back outside, to the clouds... haha. Hope everything is going well in Canada, i heard that it is warming up nicely in Vancouver, and that it should be coming soon to summerland....
And nikki, i hope thta the boats are treating you well and that you had time for a good visit with your sister before it all started.

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