Friday, April 24, 2009


I have been glued to this dreadful computer for four hours now, but I have emerged victorious and have uploaded two hundred photos to my new Photobucket account! Horrah! My web adress is, so click and enjoy. They may not be the best of our trip as they are quite thinned down and viewed from thumbnails, but that means that there are still good ones to come.
Also Orin has loaded a bunch up onto his as well. You can find his web adress on his blog. They both have different pictures, though all the pictures are taken by both of us and just separated to save us some time!


  1. awesome...keep up the great work...
    you know we miss you both...lyl...deb

  2. Hello my Sage Lillian,

    Those photos are just so fabulous - even on my very slow dial up they come up not bad. I love them - some very unique views and perspectives.

    Thank you for taking them time to send them and I cannot wait to hear more of the stories that go with them.

    Take care of yourselves,