Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crazy times have been had in this last week of Bolivia. I really enjoyed La Paz. A freaking mental city with fake cops, old ladies in bowler hats pissing on the street, a chicken place named Ja Ja Ja's (we took a picture for you Clare! We even ate there!) which is how you spell hahaha in Spanish as they have the soft J, and plenty of drugs floating around. Bolivia is a huge manufacturer of cocaine, so there have been plenty of street offers from sketchy looking shadow lurkers. All refused mom!

We spent the weekend in La Paz, and ended up going to a local bar called Gota de Agua, or drop of water in English. Friday night was a riot, as we ended up being the only foreigners in the bar, and were warmly welcomed. A little too warmly by some smashed up old men. They get good and pissed here, man. There was an Indigenous Andean band that were awesome, and had everyone on the floor dancing like crazy. Even saw some of the Andean dancing with white kerchiefs, pretty cool! Everyone was so friendly, the DJ even came up all excited to us and asked us questions (remember all in Spanish) over the microphone, cheered, and then threw us a huge handful of Coca leaves. This was when we discovered that the ones we had on the tour were absolute shit, as these were fresh and moist and tasted good! Not like dried fish smell. In Bolivia most people are extremly friendly and offer, borderline force you with their good will, glasses of the liqour they are drinking, and if they have no extra glasses you share theirs. This is very normal and polite to accept, and really quite wonderful. They seemed a little shocked when I explained in Canada this is a no no as there are terrible drugs like date rape floating around. We ended up dancing quite a lot to, as it is impossible to pass the dance floor to go to the bathroom without being pulled in by some local and having a dance, looking like a complete fool with our Canadian moves. It was awesome though, and even Orin was up and bouncing around, which seems to be no longer a rare occurance. Amazing. Reading and dancing.....word.

The next night we went to the same place with four Americans and a New Zealander that we have ended up travelling with for a bit. There was quite a few more Gringos that night, but it was still good fun. We drank, talked, danced and just had a great time. It is awesome how many locals will just grab you aside to share a drink and a quick conversation, always asking with concern if you like Bolivia and if you have had any problems. Very sweet.

The next day we met up with the Americans, the New Zealander, and our friend Simon from Germany, and caught a bus to Copacabana, where we are hanging out now. This is a different story which I will tell later, as we have randomly met our Quebecois friends from El Chelten, Alex and Catherine, and are heading over to the old Inca island Isla del Sol for a couple of days. Peace!

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