Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quito to Coast

We spent a good five days in Quito doing very little, which was quite nice. Rylie did quite a bit more than Orin and I, as he spent many a hour at the Embassy trying to work out his passport problem. On friday afternoon he returned to the hostal with a fresh shiny white passport, still missing the Ecuadorian enterance stamp. Even though he was standing right in front of the immigrations officials, they still won't aknowledge his presence in the country. They seemed very confused.... how are you here? How did you get in our country? hmm....
Anyways, in Quito we cooked up tons of delicious food in the tidy kitchen, and reveled in all the food we have been missing for quite a while... cream cheese, salsa and sourcream and refried beans with chips, feta etc.... we also mixed up a bunch of really tasty smoothies in their blender... man I wish I carried around a magic bullet on my travels. We checked out old town and climbed up some extremely tall towers of an oddly new gothic church, which resulted in me having a minor panic attack when finding myself alone at such great heights. We also took a two hour bus ride out to some really nice hot springs, and spent the evening lounging in the twenty differently temperatured pools. There was also a sauna but it was depressingly lukewarm. In the end we sat by a dirt road playing cards in the rain, until we decided that we should do something with our lives and asked some people in the nearby hotel about the bus... and good thing we did because the bus doesn't return that same way. They turned out to be really nice people, one speaking decent english, and offered us a ride home in the back of their pick up....we were immediately in. It was a much shorter ride back as he drove at breakneck speed, and we spent the time playing Í'm going across Canada and i'm going to bring....' until they dropped us off less than two blocks away from our hostal. Perfect.
We also hit up the Quito Casino, which was really fun. Spent about 10 bucks in over an hour playing black jack, at some points having almost doubled my money, and got a free beer out of it too. Never having played the game in a casino before, much more confusing with the bets and stuff, wasn't too much of a problem as the rest of the people at the table proved to be really nice and helpful.
So now we are on the coast, hoping to go scuba diving and such... but it is really quite expensive.... Nothing will ever live up to the cheapness of Honduras... so we will see what happens. We only have a couple weeks left now.. which is very strange, planning out the final stages of our trip. I guess that is all I have to say.. If this blog is a little disjointed my excuse is that Rylie is on the phone right now with Jana talking about all the juicy summerland gossip and it is hard to pay attention. Did you know Clinton is living in a tree house? Well now you do.


  1. Hey crazy girlie,

    You are too funny and witty! I was leaving comments and so was Deb, so it seemed like just your mommies were leaving comments so that is why I stopped commenting.

    Wow sounds like you are having a great time. Too bad about the diving - maybe you can get it back in Canada!!

    But guess snorkelling will be just as fun - and how about surfing? I guess not so much if it is good snorkelling.

    Before you get to the airport on departure day, make really really really sure that Rylie has all he is suppose to have. And have the name and number of the woman at the embassy because inevitably Rylie will get to the airport and they will have no idea what he is talking about, not having a stamp and all. Really, make sure you have some way of contacting someone who can do something if it goes awry. Maybe even pay the embassy woman to come to the airport with you.

    And no I did not know clinton was living in a tree house. How interesting.

    Love mom

  2. SAGE! I'm stoked for you both to be back in town! Summer is working itself out gloriously, you're going to be returning at the best time.

    It sounds like you need some r&r when you get back, gee whiz.